The Siding Is Done, Man!

This weekend was gorgeous – sunny and warm with a gentle fall breeze, rustling through the leaves! It was the perfect weekend to spend outside working on the garage! In fact, for us, it is the only weekend we have free this September, so Dave really lucked out and already had our friends, Jon and Chris, lined up to help him. Together, they powered through and actually finished putting up the gutters and siding the entire garage in 2 days! Listen below as I describe the process:

Just to note, no company is being endorsed in this post. We have no loyalties and are suckers for good sales and coupons!

Have you ever put siding up? How quickly did you “get ‘er done” and do you have any tips or things we should look out for?

2 comments on “The Siding Is Done, Man!

  1. Not to shabby….

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